What self-love won’t do for you

This is a post you’ll need to take a deep breath to read. Grab a cup of tea. Turn off distractions. Close your eyes for a moment and breathe. I say this because the words you’re about to read are uncomfortably different. These words are not the ones hanging over American culture today in captions,Continue reading “What self-love won’t do for you”

Perfect: something given, not earned

Straight to the point: I’m a perfectionist. I chase perfection like a shadow… a shadow that hovers in front of me, near but untouchable. Something tells me I’m not the only one to hunt perfection and never catch it. Here’s the crazy truth: Perfect does exist, and we were made to want it. Perfect doesContinue reading “Perfect: something given, not earned”

I’m in control! Or am I?

(the seldom-spoken truth about worry) There are some memories too vanilla for a video, too ordinary for a photo, and yet too magical for both. These memories have a curious way of burrowing in my subconscious and waiting for an equally ordinary moment to resurface. 2:15 PM, a random Tuesday in April: a jumbled messContinue reading “I’m in control! Or am I?”