Let him love you

Sometimes we forget the beauty of our identity as the bride of Christ. When we learn to let him delight in us, we experience the freedom and bliss only his love can provide!

How to be content with singleness

Sometimes it can be such a challenge to find true contentment in singleness, whether you’re longing for something else or not. But there is a way to be joyfully content in every season: dethroning our idols and adopting the role of a servant.

How to handle fear during COVID-19

Does fear control you? In the wake of COVID-19, it’s easy to let fear of the unknown decide our feelings. But there is a way to defeat fear of the unknown. Learn the way to replace it with a higher fear.

What to do with stillness during COVID-19

The stillness of COVID-19 restrictions can be disorienting. Stillness is uncomfortable, but it is the setting for restoration. Learn how to let stillness become the setting for your own restoration in 3 steps…

The hope in loneliness

Someone once said “eyes are the window to the soul.” I couldn’t agree more. But when I highlighted loneliness last week, I took just one snapshot of a few lonely “windows” I’ve peeked into. If we’re talking photography, the aperture I chose for the shot was wide – all my focus was on the loomingContinue reading “The hope in loneliness”

Watermarks, Part II.

(or what it actually means to rest when you’re suffering) You know the feeling: the teacher asks you the one question you should know the answer to but don’t. A survival-algorithm of random facts and last week’s vocabulary list scrambles to your tongue, but just as you’re ready to spit out a half-convincing answer, yourContinue reading “Watermarks, Part II.”

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