Perfect: something given, not earned

Straight to the point: I’m a perfectionist. I chase perfection like a shadow… a shadow that hovers in front of me, near but untouchable. Something tells me I’m not the only one to hunt perfection and never catch it. Here’s the crazy truth: Perfect does exist, and we were made to want it. Perfect doesContinue reading “Perfect: something given, not earned”

We’re dust and a heartbeat

(or the comfort of acknowledging weakness) It was the perfect night to get nothing done. For half an hour, my desk lamp gave a less-than-convincing vote of confidence for the textbook beneath its glow. By the time I re-read the same ribbon of text three times, I gave it up: snapped the book, clicked theContinue reading “We’re dust and a heartbeat”

I’m in control! Or am I?

(the seldom-spoken truth about worry) There are some memories too vanilla for a video, too ordinary for a photo, and yet too magical for both. These memories have a curious way of burrowing in my subconscious and waiting for an equally ordinary moment to resurface. 2:15 PM, a random Tuesday in April: a jumbled messContinue reading “I’m in control! Or am I?”

Watermarks, Part II.

(or what it actually means to rest when you’re suffering) You know the feeling: the teacher asks you the one question you should know the answer to but don’t. A survival-algorithm of random facts and last week’s vocabulary list scrambles to your tongue, but just as you’re ready to spit out a half-convincing answer, yourContinue reading “Watermarks, Part II.”

Why we need the warmer light

(or choosing the right filters for life ) Sometimes I wish we could go back to the era of candlelight – when soft warmth illuminated the important things, and mystery covered everything else. Some say squinting at bright lights, blue lights, and LED’s is just an introvert problem… but I think there’s something deeper there.Continue reading “Why we need the warmer light”