The hope in loneliness

Someone once said “eyes are the window to the soul.” I couldn’t agree more. But when I highlighted loneliness last week, I took just one snapshot of a few lonely “windows” I’ve peeked into. If we’re talking photography, the aperture I chose for the shot was wide – all my focus was on the loomingContinue reading “The hope in loneliness”

If lonely always finds me

Following recipes, parking my truck, responding to emails: three things I am notoriously bad at. Over the past year, though, I’ve found something else to add to the list. “It’s a simple task”, I promised myself. The knot of scribbled ink in the corner of my blank paper didn’t agree. I headlined my page withContinue reading “If lonely always finds me”

What self-love won’t do for you

This is a post you’ll need to take a deep breath to read. Grab a cup of tea. Turn off distractions. Close your eyes for a moment and breathe. I say this because the words you’re about to read are uncomfortably different. These words are not the ones hanging over American culture today in captions,Continue reading “What self-love won’t do for you”