Hello! I’m Claire, and I’m passionate about finding biblical designs in the craziness of this world. Welcome to my blog! With the Lord as my guide, and the wilderness as my inspiration, I couldn’t be more thrilled to join you in this adventure!

I’m Claire – Jesus follower, wilderness lover, truth seeker.

At the base of a glacier, I made a promise that would change my life: “If it scares me, I’ll do it.” Some combination of the lack of oxygen, the 360° view, and the Holy Spirit made me promise it. Since then I’ve stumbled onto a life-time adventure: writing.

I come alive the most when I’m smack dab in the middle of the wilderness– there’s something so magical about the perfect designs to be found in nature.

So that’s what inspired this blog, Threads of Eve! Eve was the ultimate wilderness-woman, the first woman to explore the delights of God’s creation. She was a perfect design, until sin of course. I believe all of us are woven with the same threads as Eve, threads of beauty, depth, longing, hope…

While all our threads are snapped and frayed by this world’s brokenness, Jesus is the bridge that can mend all our brokenness, bringing us back to our perfect design.

So here’s the adventure: tracing back to biblical designs in a tangled world. Welcome to the movement– I couldn’t be happier you’re here!

The real stuff

Favorite time of day: 20 minutes before sunrise.

Typical me: being lost in thought– just ask all the telephone poles and trees I run into!

Best way to spend time? Long conversations and drinking boba tea.

A life-long quest: making the perfect pour-over. Oh, and parallel parking. It’s gonna be years.

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